Small shipments are consolidated and shipped with your preferred carrier (UPS, etc.).Our charges are based on the total weight of your shipment and include door to door consolidation and shipping.

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Consolidations are the reverse of pool distribution services.

IDS gathers LTL volumes into a single distribution center from multiple shippers in the same region, then builds consolidated loads for a single shipment that delivers direct to the receiving consignee dock.

Consolidations reduce freight costs by sending the longest leg of the shipment via truck.

Notify us and we will consolidate all of your orders, saving you the high cost of multiple packages and border crossings. Provide us with a list of your vendors by filling out this form.

We’ll make sure all your shipments arrive at our location.

As we receive your goods, your vendors’ invoices are checked for correct documentation (Nafta and/or product descriptions for international shipments only).

• If you are shopping locally, we provide preprinted labels for you to give to your vendors. Your goods are consolidated and shipped with our large-load trucking carriers that are both quick and cheap.

Like pooling, consolidation services also improve transit, reduce damage and maintains temperature integrity because unlike standard LTL shipments, it is not crossed docked across an LTL network.

The IDS TMS technology gives shippers visibility of their orders all the way through the process, which brings peace of mind knowing the shipment will be delivered on-time.

Simply instruct your vendors to deliver your goods to our 12th Street location.

Most vendors in the Downtown Los Angeles Fashion district will do this at no charge to you. • If you are ordering online or by phone, then we are your arms and legs here in LA.