A lot of instructions on the web to slim, reduce and trim down Vista size occupied on hard disk drive, one of the common method suggested is to delete and remove all contents and data inside %System Drive%\Windows\Win Sx S\Backup\ folder (normally C:\Windows\Win Sx S\Backup\ directory).

Firstly, take ownership of the “Backup” folder and grant full control permissions in the ACL table for “Backup” folder.

To do this, use commands below or refer to this guide for more ways to perform the required action.

takeown /F %Win Dir%\Win Sx S\Backup /r /d y cacls %Win Dir%\Win Sx S\Backup /g administrators:f Secondly, regenerate and recreate all files under “Backup” folder with empty or blank content. To make thing easier, download and execute the which contains a series of commands to create empty (nul) files with correct filenames in the affected folder.

Thirdly, delete the temporary update files as instructed by Microsoft Help for 80070002 error code in Windows Update. This step may not needed, you can try to check or install updates, and perform this step is the process still fail and unsuccessful.

net stop wuauserv del /s /q %Win Dir%\Software Distribution\Data Store del /s /q %Win Dir%\Software Distribution\Download net start wuauserv Finally, users can checks for Windows Update and install any updates found, or use “wusa” comand to install any standalone package downloaded.

Another recommended step, but not necessary, it to recover the owner for the files in the “Backup” folder to the original default which is “NT SERVICE/Trusted Installer”.

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Simply by recovering or re-creating the files under the “Backup” folder with just the filename will allow Windows Update and updates installation to work again.

The good thing is only need the files with correct file name to exist, contents empty for every files is okay.

Here’s a brief description and guide on the steps users can take to recover the file contents in %System Drive%\Windows\Win Sx S\Backup directory.

For all tasks and actions, run in elevated command prompt with full administrative privileges.