It is worth pointing out here that all the same emotional rules of loving relationship apply and that one person's disabilty should not be used to emotionally manipulate or abuse the other person. For example, the disabled person might take advantage of the other person to do things for them.Or perhaps the able-bodied partner will say something 'If only you were different'.These kind of emotional games happen in relationships between all kinds of people and if you recognise these it's important to seek advice from a friend or professional such as a relationship counsellor.

This can be rewarding and help the person to become a more caring and compassionate human being as they learn about disabilities and the difficulties and differences that disabled people might go through.

However, having a disabled partner can also be emotionally and physically draining and the partners may need someone to talk to about it themselves.

There are a number of support groups just for carers and the partners of disabled people.

Perhaps of a disbled partner may feel guilty that they can't do more to help that person with their disability.

Sometimes they feel frustrated that they can't rescue or save the other person that they're in a relationship with.

They might even feel guilty that they are able bodied.

If their partner's disabilities requires them to use a wheelchair they may sometimes be exhausted from puching them or lifting the chair around.

The partners of disabled people can also be effected in different ways from being in a relationship with that person.

Sometimes the relationship started when both of the people were able bodied and the other person later became disabled.

Or perhaps the relationship started when the other person was already disabled and the other partner already knew this.

Which ever way that you got together with your disabled partner it will take a little bit of adapting to life with that person.