The baby boomers, those born from roughly the mid-50s to the mid-60s in a spirit of post-war optimism, are among the most accomplished and experienced group of people who have ever lived.Many have achieved a lot in their lives and careers, gained financial independence, and explored new horizons previous generations didn't think possible. There are plenty of good reasons why people are saying “50 is the new 40”.Just as once 40 represented emotional maturity, financial security and a second chance, now one’s 50s and 60s are becoming the new prime of life.

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They have more time to enjoy their leisure and are determined to make the best of life – as there’s still a lot of it to be lived.

But, as more than one 50+ has said: “50 is no longer a stepping stone to retirement.” Thanks to the notions of equality popularised by the baby boom generation, many women and men in their 50s are now at the peak of their careers, deriving real satisfaction from their work but perhaps looking for something extra in their personal lives.

Whatever your situation, there is a massive increase in singles over 50 dating and having the time of their lives.

People come to dating in their 50s for a variety of reasons: some because of a divorce or separation, others because of bereavement, and others because they have been busy establishing their careers but their priorities have now changed.

One motivating factor is companionship – having someone to enjoy life’s pleasures with.

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Sharing is also an important issue for those dating over 50.

Shared interests are great relationship glue, and shared experiences and memories become increasingly important to those over 50 s dating, and this is all part of our compatibility ethos.

In their 50s men and women have both reached new levels of emotional maturity – they know how to handle their emotions better.

They also know what they want and what they don’t want, but at the same time they are mellower and less judgemental.

So, while over 50s dating can be intensely pleasurable, it can also be relaxed and enjoyable.