The planet itself is divided in many territories that are mostly self-contained and where a "pocket universe" composed of a specific storyline or universe reside and evolve.

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Secret Wars is a 2015 comic book storyline published by Marvel Comics.

It recalls the original, similarly-named 1984–1985 miniseries.

Released on May 6, 2015, the storyline includes a core Secret Wars mini-series, written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Esad Ribić, which picks up from where the "Time Runs Out" storyline running in Avengers and New Avengers ends.

The storyline involves the Marvel Universe combining with various other alternate universes (including those seen in the Ultimate Marvel and Marvel 2099 imprints, the "Age of Apocalypse" storyline, the Marvel 1602 universe, and the "House of M" storyline) into Battleworld, a planet whose domains exhibit the aspects of the various universes.

The core limited series was originally to be eight issues long, but was later decided to extend to a ninth, which ran, due to several delays, for nine months.

The mini series are in three categories, which are Battleworld, Warzones, and Last Days.One of the core miniseries is Ultimate End which ends the Ultimate Marvel imprint after 15 years.Ultimate End is written by Brian Michael Bendis and artist Mark Bagley, the team that began the Ultimate Marvel universe with Ultimate Spider-Man.The series was introduced with two issues in May 2015, then ran monthly until December.The series began with a nine issue mini series (plus a Free Comic Book Day issue #0) and came out of the current Avengers and New Avengers "Time Runs Out" storyline.The basic premise involves the collision of the Marvel 616 Universe with the Ultimate Marvel 1610 Universe which destroys both.