Its shocking how much graphics designers charge for a few clicks of a mouse and a paper certificate to prove it.I don't see how a price tag of 40k can be justified for a rebranding- I've worked on a lot of logos myself and although I like this new logo, I think a lot of money has been wasted.

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People who don't like this are typical of what is holding back this county from reaching its full potential, I must agree that 40k is very pricy, yet bbc did spend 5million on their's! Of course, the county doesn't need money spending on anything else does it?

No, of course not, this administration does not need to get its head out of the sand. I think the image is out of date and something should be used to represent our County that is more relevant, ie.

something connected to the horticultural/agricultural industry. This is a complete waste of money when there is so many areas of the NHS is crisis. I think that there is nothing, in principle, wrong with having a new logo for the county council.

I complained to the County Council and got a load of CODS back about they asked people in the County and they wanted this stupid looking Logo.

Do you know of anyone that wanted this waste of money or were even asked ?

As a professional Graphic Designer, I really like this, I find it contemporary and stylish as well as the imp being quite playful - as they are.

The colour is typical of lincoln, it does remind me of a ballerina.

Council officials say the new identity - which will be used on stationery, buildings and vehicles - is vital to the organisation's credibility and future.

Deputy Leader Cllr Barry Singleton added that "Professional people are more likely to want to work for an organisation that has a strong image reflecting its high standards of service delivery."But critics say the price tag of at least £40,000 is a waste of public money.

They also say there's not been enough consultation on the new image.

Nice logo, very contemporary, however i work in the sign industry myself and would have designed something similar for a crate of beer.