Part of any standard Status of Forces Agreement between the US and a foreign government is that US personnel are immune from prosecution for alleged crimes in the host country.Any alleged crimes will be dealt with by the US military justice system.Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki balked at this.

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Before leaving on a well-deserved vacation, President Obama made a statement on the situation in northern Iraq and took a few questions.

Near the end, one of the esteemed members of the White House press corps asked—and I’m paraphrasing—”Do you regret not leaving troops in Iraq.” I beat my head against my desk and blacked out for a few minutes upon hearing this query, but have now recovered enough to pen this essay.This shouldn’t have to be repeated ad nauseam, but it seems that it must be so. Bush’s misadventure into Mesopotamia—which exceeded its original 6 month timetable by about 6 and a half years—the Iraqis were quite eager to be rid of us. Bush, obviously, wanted to get something for his disaster.He wanted to leave a residual force in Iraq, to train Iraqi troops and “fight terrorism”—terrorism which hadn’t existed until American brigades invaded from Kuwait.And, more to the point, the basing of a residual force would hamper the Maliki government’s main aim, which was to impose a Shi’a hegemony on the country.Therefore, for those reasons, a SOFA was agreed to which stipulated that all US troops would withdraw from Iraq.A SOFA negotiated and agreed to by the Bush Administration. It has been reported on widely in the press, both domestically and internationally. Obama was the one who pulled out US troops unilaterally, that he could have left troops in country if he had wanted to, that the massacres occurring now are completely of his doing.