I know a lot of people ponder the differences between T-75's and V30's, since they tend to be the most common speakers, so here's a clip for anybody after a T-75 sound.I picked up this cab the other day from Mr Cassidy, and have managed to tease out a mediocre clip, but really need more play time to find the sweet spot.Amp settings were: Pre: 6.5 Low: 6 Mid: 5 High: 7 Res: 6 Pres: 7 No boost, guitar straight in. I know people complain that T-75's won't fit a mix as readily as V30's, and I tend to agree, but that doesn't mean it should be overlooked. One tip - don't try to dial in your amp the way you would with a V30 rig, it will only end in disappointment.

dating celestion g12t 75-1

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Standard Delivery Times I am using it in an old Marshall cabinet.

I already have a vintage 30 in a DIY cabinet I made myself, and if I connect them both into my Carvin tube amp the sound is excellent.

The vintage 30 is on the floor, and the Marshall cabinet with this speaker is above it as in a full-stack.

Some people complain that it is too aggressive and mid-rangy and works only for metal an such.

Guess what, in this combination I can play folk-rock in it and sounds excellent.

So compensate with more mids, less bass, less highs, and preferably tighter playing As for post processing I found I had to take a scoop out of the 250hz region with a narrow Q, as it was very boxy/boomy here.

That was probably more to do with the room it's currently in than the nature of the speakers though.