Chinese Asian Girl Women Dating Single Cewek Bispak Services Romance Personal Zodiac Man Woman Find Meet Chat Marriage Married Asian Services Seeking find female Match Beautiful Shanghai Beijing Bride Romantic Friendship Member Shio Fengshui Photo Picture Gallery Images Husband Wife Free World Western Friendfinder Personal China is the biggest country in the world, and many travellers are supposing to make a living there.Some are working in China, some are only travelling.

The curiousity deep within is actually very easy to see despite the "conservative" outer shell.

The "cute" thing some girls do too, can sometimes just be an act.

It seems Chinese boys value "cute" more than almost anything else.

The problem usually is foreigners usually western, treat Chinese girl as a western girl.

They are totally disappointed by the conservative Chinese girl. How is dating them different from women of other cultures?

Here is one American travelling and working in China, and asking for tips on how to meet women in China. I will be living in Shanghai for 5 months, and hell! thanks Shanghai is an international city so it will be a lot different than the rest of china, with the excpetion of beijing and a few other major cities.

In other words, you should have no problem finding a girl, compared to, say, the countryside in Hebei.

Just be weary of those after a free ticket to the west, or your wallet. Of course, these girls are all over the world too, of course.

Plus, there are a high number of well meaning sweet girls too.

Most Chinese girls simply prefer Chinese men because of major culture and language difference and parental pressure, even if the foreigner is very well educated and more handsome.

Chinese girls come off as "shy" but I really think it is an act, as they are quite curious, about certian issues.