Take the time to think through your date, plan for any problems like taking an umbrella with you if it is a long walk to the car and the sky looks bleak, or make sure that the restaurant you are going to does not have a hen night on when you are going for a quiet romantic meal...Chivalry Is A Must - If you are a man then you should be chivalrous and hold the door for your date, let her order first, pull out her chair - be a gentleman! It is no wonder that the old fashioned manners and politeness are dying out when people are so stubborn they think it is wrong to let others hold the door or pay the bill!

New York is arguably one of the most romantic city in the world.

There is something about going on a date in a 400 year old city that has all the charm of old New York but all the excitement of a city that is always reinventing itself that is truly exciting.

That is why if you have the chance to enjoy some time with the girl of your dreams in The Big Apple, the date ideas New York will make possible will be overwhelming.

, Sushi, Greek delicacies or the best steak you have every experienced and still have dozens of more restaurants to discover with your date the next time.

"On one of our first dates, my guy and I challenged each other to a 'triathlon' of activities we both liked," says Robyn H., 28, of Durham, NC.

"We decided to compete in foosball, Pac-man, and pizza-eating.

We were laughing the whole time, and now, part of the fun of 'triathloning' is coming up with three 'events' we can compete in.

You will want not just one date in New York but dozens to do all that is there for you to enjoy each time you venture onto the island of Manhattan.

And with your date's hand in yours, you might from time to time be able to take your eyes off of the dazzling night life in New York to gaze into each other's eyes in one of the many great night clubs in the city.