To make an appointment to give Notification of Intention to Marry ("Three months’ notice") to a Registrar, you should contact your local Civil Registration Office or Health Service Executive (HSE) headquarters.Click on get details for local Civil Registration Service Offices There is also an online appointment booking system which will allow couples intending to marry to book their appointment with a Registrar to give 3 months’ notice.Please click on This web page is designed to provide general information on the solemnisation and registration (in the civil records) of a valid marriage in Ireland.

Marriage is a solemn legal contract; therefore it is vital that all the necessary preliminaries for a marriage be completed in order that the marriage is legally valid.

The marriage provisions of the Civil Registration Act, 2004 became law on 5th November 2007.

This legislation brought about major changes in the procedures for solemnising and registering marriages in the republic.

The Act was subsequently amended by the enactment of the following: The information on this webpage reflects the requirements of the new legislation and should be noted carefully.

Nor does it deal with the religious preliminaries which are required for church or other religious marriage.

The relevant religious preliminaries should be arranged with the appropriate celebrant of marriages.Nor does it deal with secular preliminaries which are required for secular marriages.The relevant secular preliminaries should be arranged with the appropriate celebrant of marriages.THIS APPLIES TO ALL MARRIAGESTo contract a valid marriage in this state the parties to the marriage must: Marriage by civil ceremony is a civil contract.Marriage by certain religious and secular ceremonies is also recognised by civil law as being a civil contract.Persons wishing to get married by religious or secular ceremony should approach the authorities of the religious denomination or secular body concerned for advice on how to proceed, and also make an appointment to attend their local Registrar.