The more you know about him before he asks you on a date, the better.But remember, Japanese men are no different to any others: if he is talking to you and grinning like a loon, he is probably already interested!

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I consider myself a modern Japanese woman, and honestly, I cannot say that you can easily ‘make’ Japanese men do anything they don’t want to do, let alone fall in love.

But if you too are a woman, and you are reading this, I assume the subject has piqued your interest in some way.

Therefore, I must think about the kinds of advice I might offer to other women, particularly foreigners, Of course, the social life of our planet is full of nightlife where one can meet all kinds of people, but seeking meaningful relationships with strangers is a difficult, sometimes dangerous, proposition.

It is better, where possible, to meet people through work or at schools and colleges.

No, a man’s conversation is usually about himself, his work and his interests, but it takes a woman time to learn what is important to him.

Of course, it helps if your interests and his are the same, otherwise, with Japanese men, there are some fairly universal subjects that you can easily prepare yourself to talk about.

Economics, golf and baseball are all suitable topics.

Working or studying with Japanese men on a daily basis will give you the opportunity to observe the way they behave and think, and whether you feel a particular guy is worth pursuing or not. I mean, some men are boorish and arrogant, others are sensitive and compassionate, and between the two extremes lies little of note. They might in general be more or less conservative in a cultural sense to what you are used to, but essentially all men are quite simple creatures.

Whatever type you are attracted to, the one thing you can be sure of, is that all men are basically children at heart; if you are good with kids, you’ll have no problems controlling a man! If you realize this, you can soon have them jumping through hoops!