Instagram is a platform that not only encourages novelty with regard to clicks, but its every aspect.

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Names play a vital role because it is our name which differentiates us from the rest, and thus we shouldn’t relegate our names.

But, it’s interesting to see how social media has strengthened the creative visions of the users.

Today, we come across usernames which are cleverly innovated, not only to muster an overwhelming response, but also open bigger and brighter possibilities to connect and engage.

This is what we have been hearing a gazillion times since our birth.

We live in an era where being one of a remarkable kind is not a requirement, but a necessity.

And, even the social media is not immune to this apparent fact.

It is not uncommon to see users, scratching their heads and thinking of mind-boggling self-explanatory ideas, so as to clock up a winning impression.

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Released in 2010, the photo-sharing app is full of excitement.

The more you scroll down, the more you be in incredulity.

You will be in awe, seeing a big colony of Instagram pros and their superb daredevilry when it comes to usernames.