Male and female viewers spend virtually the same amount of time viewing online video content (72.4 and 70.6 minutes respectively).However, the 18-34 year-old male segment, which has proven difficult to reach through other media, views a significantly greater 84 minutes of online video content per viewer.? to p.m.) had the most streaming activity with 18 streams per streamer. to 7 a.m.) with nearly 17 streams per streamer and late fringe (11 1 a.m.) with 15 streams per streamer."Online video is uniquely positioned to break through clutter, changing media preferences, and other obstacles facing advertisers today," noted Daboll.

com Score Media Metrix today released the first publicly available analysis of consumer usage of online streaming video content, based on the com Score Media Metrix Online Video Ratings service.

In June 2005, more than 94 million people in the U.

S., or 56 percent of the domestic Internet population, viewed a streaming video online.

Over the three months ending June 2005, the average consumer viewed 73 minutes of streaming video content per Score Media Metrix Online Video Ratings deliver key metrics and analysis across specific Web sites and content providers, providing visibility into the rapidly-growing streaming media landscape.

"This research confirms that streaming video is now part of the Web experience for a broad base of consumers," said Peter Daboll, president and CEO of com Score Media Metrix.

"This technology is changing advertising on the Web, by allowing richer, more emotive connections between brands and consumers."Key findings from the June 2005 analysis include:?Male users, who represent 50 percent of the total online population, account for 61 percent of all video streamers.?Occasional announcements sent by Streaming Media, or on behalf of our advertising partners, on what we feel are important offers, developments, publications, and events in the streaming/online video industry.Streaming provides this section as a service to its readers and customers.Press releases are subject to approval by the editorial staff of Streaming and may be edited or altered for length and clarity, or to remove unsubstantiated and unverifiable claims.All content presented within the press release section is that of the submitter.