Discussion Concerning Possible Bombing of "Independence Examiner" Newspaper 10. I Trip to Sheriff *s Office, Summit County, Colorado, :to File Charges Against "Denver Post " 16. He stated that following this he also recalls reading a newspa per article in a Connecticut newspaper in which was quoted as saying that the individuals arreted by the District Attorney's Office in New York City were not. b6 b7C rha ranter izations o f individuals men- ] are not being tioned by indiv idually ch aracterized at this time t since] | has advised that he knew them at a later time to be members of the Minutemen of Connecticut, I I stated that on the basis of re ading I name in the newspaper he got in touch with ] H telephonically and stated that he was interested in joining the organization Minutemen. U«d _ -%i-i » Mt i m i f^.' ^TH-'^-xy-TS'^-ji b6 b7C DN l OS-123 satisfied llk Tlorftlei^ntt^t^^^^ the IRS was xts behalf whenengaged in M^^r? Source also stated that all telephone bills are sent to GOFF at P. Rating EXCELLENT Coverage SAME Td^' 1 -[ 105-123 - 87-12538 EAS:imw ,^ (3) l^^ J - y^ ^ Excltldi^(J/f rom automatic downgr declares b6 b7C -izj }i P.g HL%nd_„in DEXED gij Q^tfion Fiit P b6 b7C J TABLE OF CONTENTS I . CONNECTIONS WITH MINUTEMEN A* Coaaectioas with Minutemea in the State of Connecticut 1. on First Discussion by Minutemen Robbing Banks 8, Bombing of Patriotic Party Headquarters, Independence, Missouri 9. ne tails Conc erning Trip to Idaho by t and Others to Build a Hide-out for Use After Proposed Bank Robberis Activities, in Salt Lake City After Return from Idaho Activities with Relation to Hide- out in Fayetteville, Arkansas j Christmas Visit to Connecticut and Return to Kansas City Clarification of Statements Made to ATTU, January 17, 1968 Minutemen Plan to Place Cyanide Gas in Air Conditioning System at United Nations APPENDIX 25 - 27 28 - 32 32 - 34 35 35 - 36 36 -• 41 41 - 44 44 - 49 49 ^- 50 50 - 51a 51a «. II o CONNECTIONS WITH MINUTEMEN A characterization of Minutemen and the Patriotic Party appears in the appendix section^ A, Connections with Minutemen in the State of Connecticut I stated that he first became interested in the organization Minutemen during the latter part of 1966, He advised that he first read about the organization at the time that the District Attorney's Office in New York City made arrests of a number of individuals who were, according to newspaper publicity, identified as Minutemen.

Cm to cam phone vhat-44

kii exemption for the f Sp J.die3:j.s of the Cross" under IRS Section . 2 - em^ismr^h b6 b7C RE: G^5i SDEI«Pf At his interview v;ith[ from I I and that [ in Waterbury, Connecticut, and ask for The received a telephone call Jtold him to go to the firehouse 1 continued that he wen Waterbury, Conne cticut, as ins tructed by I to the fire house in at which time he met with I H whom he stated was a fireman wit h the Waterbury j Connecticut, Fire Department and also with one whom he also stated was a fireman with the Waterbury, Connecticut, Fire Department.

b6 b7C Plans to Kidnap, Interrogate and Kill the United States Attorney, Kansas City and One AL SUMMERFORD, St. Estates that he Jof Bridgeport, J asked him to come down to and met withf quite some time with J to check yovi out ] stated that he went to Bridgeport, Connecticut Has reque fii-ed find that after spending b6 b7C (vitl ."I II |told him •*we»ll have ] stated that several days following -.

Description and Activities at North Kansas City Hide-out Believed Physically Located in Platte City, Missouri 12 - 15 15 - 16 16 - 17 17 - 18 19 - 22 22 - 23 23 23 - 24 24 24 - 25 TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE(S) 11. He said that at that time] ' " ^^^^ ] took down certain information about him and told him t o sit tigh t and *^we^ll be in touch with you." Shortl y thereafter F received a letter from a Connecticut, in which letter [ Bridgeport for an interview.

OM : Director, FBI (62-80382) i Z^" T^f subject: "SOLDIERS OF THE CROSS RACIAL MATTERS (ORGANIZATION) 4;fc. I^ conesms Aggtr .gig^nts o£^ | I Mlimteai6tr memh Qi^ on 33./3/67# copies of this report are fcslng seat to th6 E^sas City and Hqk Have» JDivision^ for their iaj Pormatioii*. 12/12/67 A review of the Denver file on the aboye-captioned organization and investigation shows that the "Soldiers of the Gross" does not fit upder th6 criteria set forth in Section 122(a) of the Manual of Instriictions, pertaining to hate groups, for the following reasons: On November 18 , • 19 6 7 , Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Denver, Colorado, advised they are currently conducting an extensive investigation into the activities of KEf^ETH SOFF and the "Soldiers of -the* Cross./" GOFF refuses to turn certain records to IRS as required by IRS regulations for the granting of a , tax , exemption for the "Soldiers of 'the Cross" as an el^emosyndry group. using money from , ' "Soldiers' 0f the Cross"- f or ;liis own use. learned to be| | and ] He stated that also at an individual later known to him as ] father-in-law [ he advised was referred to by other members as Thome that night was w hich ind ividual He advised that on that night when he attended this first meeting he and the above mentioned individuals drove to Naugatuck, Connecticut, to a barn located on the top of a hill or small mountain.

L The Bureau is in possession of two newspaper articles which appeared in the "Denver Post.'' The first article dated 10/1/67 v/as entitled "Camp Used as Cover to Preach Hate." This article disclosed that one Richard Preston, who had been hired as a karate instructor by Kenneth Goff to teach in Goff 's "Soldiers of the Cross" camp, recently quit after he was "subjected to an indoctrination in hate." Preston stated in the article that he was taught "racism, espionage, and the arts of war," He v/as lectured about weapons, secret codes, and wiretapping. GOFF claims that by turning over the records, it would mean a disclosure .- of several persons working, for him behind the. He stated that the barn was located on the property owned by an individual whom he believed to be of Czechoslovakian origin^ He advised that in addition to the above mentioned members, he met that night for the first time the follow ing additional Minutem en members at this barn: I I and I l He stated he also met an individual named last name unknown, whomhe stated he b6 b7C - 3 - €e$f FBBENTl5ir b6 ■ b7C RE; I I eom&^srrstr later learned was from Milford, Con necticut.

He then went on to point out that a high ranking officer of the Minutemen had lectured a class in "coordination of intelligence in the resistance movement." This man then tried to recruit him and others attending Goff *s camp into the Minutemen. He advised that also at this meeting that night T»as | H f J^o"^ Bridgeport, Connecticut, whom he had previously met as stated above.The second article dated 10/9/67 was entitled "Goff Raps Minutemen Series as Blind to Threats." This article disclosed that the head of the "Soldiers of the Cross," Kenneth Goff, denied that racism was preached at his camp but later in his sermon had spoken against race mixing. b6 b7C He advised that at the time of this meeting he learned that I above, was then acting state chairman of the 'Ctin Party for the State of Connecticut in the abse nce of I L He advised that in this connection that I I at that time was away from the State of Connecticut on Patriotic Party or Minutemen business., A review of Bureau files failed to disclose that a report has ever been furnished concerning the "Soldiers of the Cross." In view of the articles mentioned above, Denver is instructed to conduct a discreet investigation to determine whether* captioned organization fits under the criteria set forth in Section 122a of the Manual of Instructions pertaining to hate groups. Savings Boms Regtdarkfonthe Pay\ f 4 S4G^ DSSTVBH (62-349y 11/1^/67 M b6 b7C IS ♦- MISGEE,3&a2? ] stated th at in additio n to himself there l a-t xn addxtio i was also an individual named I 1 another new member believed to be from Bridgeport, Connecticut, who was sworn in with him int o the organization Mi nutemen on that night.The above reviev/ of Bureau files bailed to disclose any pertinent information not already in possession of the ^ Denver Office. He advised that I I was in charge of the swearing in ceremony in this regard. ^ ^f tt-*^: v^" ^ # DIRECTOR, FBI (62-80382) SAC, DENVER (105-123) (C) "SOLDIERS OF THE CROSS" RM (ORGANIZATION) Re Bulet 10/23/67. Director Of the "Soldiers' of; the- Cross" for life. He stalled that as a and to attend a meeting of Minutemen result of his con tact with bo th he was invited by | at Waterbury, Connecticut, wit hin app rox imately o ne week from the time he was interviewed bv l l and I [ He advised that he recalls that on that night he drove to | home where h^ +b^-r^ m^-h fny ±h G first time individuals ne ±a^ey. p6rated under - the laws of the State of Colorado as a non-profit corporation on November 12, 1952, under Article IM-, 19«fl, Colorado Statutes Annotated, and registered in the County of Arapahoe^ The^ Bylaws were adopted at the annual- meeting of the corporation b6 b7C held at Englewpod ; Colorado, on Januat*y 5, 1953, ' .'- On January .26,'. I stated that to the best of his- recollection this was in or about October or November of 1966.