Is Kylie Jenner being scammed by her new boyfriend, Tyga, and Blac Chyna–the woman she supposedly wronged? The Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star is only 17! Kylie Jenner’s whirlwind romance with rapper Tyga has everyone’s tongues wagging, and for good reason.

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According to our source, “Tyga will always love Chyna, they will be back together in no time.

Chyna knows that he doesn’t care about Kylie, it’s all a publicity stunt to make money.

Tyga and Chyna do okay, but their bank accounts look nothing like the Kardashian’s. ” Wow, so basically Tyga and Chyna are totally scamming Kylie.

Kylie is showering Tyga with gifts and money, he even sent some of the money he got from her home to Chyna to buy stuff for King. Once her bank account is empty, Tyga will be right back by Chyna’s side.

Kris Jenner better step in before her love-sick teen daughter gives away half the family fortune.

So, do you think Tyga and Kylie are really in love?

Or do you believe he is just playing her and draining the clueless teen’s bank account?

Tyga may have been in Europe with Kylie, but his heart was definitely still at home with Chyna.

The rapper took to Instagram and began liking Chyna’s photos, and Chyna in turn posted a photo of herself and Tyga cuddling in bed (which she quickly deleted afterwards).

After Tyga and Chyna’s Instagram love fest, we decided it was time to investigate Kylie’s new boyfriend a little further.

We spoke to a pal of Chyna’s that has known the model for years, and what they revealed was astonishing.