has been replaced with a character emphasis (Character, Attitude, Responsibility, Effort, and Self-Control).The reason I wrote the book is that I wanted teen and young adults who are not Christians to have some good information that will help them to avoid the heartbreak of unhappiness and divorce.I also wanted to be able to hand my students a chapter of the book and say, “Here’s a chapter from a book about healthy relationships – maybe it will help you to make good dating decisions”.

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Here’s the description of the video from that website.

“Many of us have been taught by the media and our popular culture to believe that there is only one approach to dating – an approach that is mainly based upon whether or not we like someone and looks.

This “Dating without God” approach usually leads to a broken heart. COM T-Shirts are white and have a picture of fireworks with the words DATING-WITH-GOD. You can get a good idea of what the T-shirts look like by looking at the header of the DATING-WITH-GOD. You may request one of these T-shirts by e-mailing us your size (adult small, adult medium, adult large, or adult extra large), first name, last initial, mailing address, and which T-shirt you would like to [email protected](e-mail addresses and mailing addresses are never shared with anyone) or mailing your request to Dating with God, PO Box 5234, Lancaster, PA 17606. Thanks for helping to spread the revolution and for helping others to maximize the possibility that they will have a lifelong loving Christian marriage! If you would like this blog to answer a question about teen dating from a Christian perspective, please leave your question as a comment to this posting.

In addition to explaining why this approach rarely works, the video explains a God centered approach to dating called Dating with God™. Be Free John underneath on the front and Teens: Want the best possible life and heavenly rewards? (Quantities available are limited.) *More information about the Dating with God™ approach to dating can be found at our sister website: DATING-WITH-GOD. Selected questions will be answered in a future blog post.

” We welcome your comments about the video and about the Dating with God approach to dating. (We regret that we cannot answer all questions submitted.) Blessings!

and are willing to wear the T-shirt at least one day a month in public (at the mall, to an amusement park, at church, etc.) to help spread the revolution. An open letter to churches around the world, This letter is to request your consideration of giving me the privilege of coming to speak at your church on Sunday morning, Sunday night, on an evening during the week, or at a retreat.

The topic that I would like to talk about is dating from a Christian perspective.

The purpose of this presentation is to provide teens and young adults with some of the crucial information that they need to know about dating and to motivate them to go on the journey of preparing themselves for dating.

My qualifications to talk about this subject are: • I love the Lord and try my best every day to serve Him • I’m a school counselor • I talk with teenagers on a regular basis about their relationship problems • I’ve made painful dating mistakes in my life, I have seen many other people make dating mistakes in their life – and I would like to help other people avoid these mistakes • I have over sixteen years of paid youth work experience with the Boys’ Club, the YMCA, a children’s home, and in the schools • I have four years of experience as a volunteer Sunday School teacher and two years of experience as a volunteer youth group leader • I have written two books (for ages 20 and up) that have good reviews online • I have earned a bachelor’s degree and two Master’s degrees • I have a passion to do whatever I can to reduce the divorce rate in our society My presentation is designed to be informative, somewhat entertaining, and pleasing to the Lord – I can adjust it to fit just about any time frame.

I do not charge or accept “love” offerings when I speak.

I would be happy to send you a complimentary copy of one of my books, a copy of a DVD with excerpts from my presentation, and the script of my entire presentation for your review. Yours in Christ, Jim Wegert PS I would also be happy to provide you with a list of references that can attest to my character.