The survey of 4200 households took place in June 2012 and resulted in 2400 returns.

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A similar language, Guernésiais, is spoken in neighbouring Guernsey; the language of Sark, Sercquiais, is a descendant of the Jèrriais brought by the Jersey colonists who settled Sark in the 16th century; and there is mutual intelligibility with the Norman language of mainland Normandy.

Jèrriais is often called "Jersey French" or "Jersey Norman French" in English (though this may give the impression that the language is a dialect of French) and "jersiais" or "normand de Jersey" in French.

Jèrriais is distinct from the Jersey Legal French used for legal contracts, laws and official documents by the government and administration of Jersey.

For this reason, some prefer using the term "Jersey Norman" to avoid ambiguity and to disassociate the language from standard French.

Jèrriais is the form of the Norman language spoken in Jersey, one of the Channel Islands off the coast of France.

It has been in decline over the past century as English has increasingly become the language of education, commerce and administration.

There are very few people who speak Jèrriais as a mother tongue and, owing to the age of the remaining speakers, their numbers decrease annually.

Despite this, efforts are being made to keep the language alive.

Just under a third (32%) said that they could understand something written in Jèrriais.