As someone who had experienced the app when it had most features available, I feel cheated.I could understand taking away -some- of the features and offering to add more upon purchase of the full app.If a new customer tried this app now, they would not be convinced to pay for any new features as is. The app has been deleted until hopefully a change comes into place.

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- Cute stamps.- Photo crop.- Back Ground Images.※"Purikura", which refers to a photo sticker booth, is a registered trademark of Index,whitening,decorations,photo booth, beauty,picture,edit,collage,face-lift,filter,crop,freckle LICENSE you for choosing to use Girls Camera.

Girls Camera did reborn in 3/30/2016 as a simple decorating app.

We apologize for any inconvenience or trouble caused and thank you for your kind understanding.

I've never reviewed an app but the current version of Girls Camera and the recent reviews I read compelled me to do so. I used it a lot to make edits with my fanpage on insta with this magical app and now TTATT I cry.

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I have to agree with my fellow users that the new update turned this outstanding app into a mediocre waste of space on my phone. A lot of people spent time on this app too making stamps that aren't easy to make and time consuming and now it's all down the drain. But maybe who knows it might go back to how it was and we just need to be patient. I had the best review for this app before but now I have to change it.

This was my choice app to add unique and custom stickers to my photos. Why go from having a bunch of great features to having almost none?