Marc spoke to Wasely Botton about the SASCOC farewell dinner Wesley stated that the dinner is to unify the team before the Olympics The Athletes are really exited it is important for the team to go at it running because they going to need to motivate each other John comments about the recent court cases involving the president, state owned enterprises etc. If the president and Hlaudi Motsoeneng had to pay towards their cases, they might think twice about taking to the courts.

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Some ANC stalwarts appear to be turning their back on the ANC, with Mbeki reportedly citing rampant corruption as a reason.

The Mail and Guardian paper spoke to members of the family in the Eastern Cape, one of whom, 57-year-old Toysie Tambo (the granddaughter of Tambos eldest brother Willie) lives in a rundown RDP house and accused the ANC of having forgotten them. She said it was because of that boy Malema, who didnt hide things.

Other Tambo family members the paper spoke to expressed similar disappointed sentiments, although they were not interested in the EFF.

When the M&G contacted OR Tambos son Dali Tambo for comment, he said that his family should continue to vote ANC because they were still part of the ANC family and the sun would shine on them because change is coming. An Attempted Soldier Abduction (a dark plot has been foiled in Norfolk). Theresa May's Euro Trip (the new UK PM goes first to Berlin then Paris). A Submarine Crash (one of the Royal Navy's best has an " oopsy " in the Med).

Eskom update: Reports began to surface during 2015 which indicated that projects awarded preferred bidder status during bid window 3 experienced delays in reaching financial close, at least in part due to Eskom delaying the provision of commitments and quotations for connecting these projects to the national electricity grid.

In November 2015, it was reported that Eskom had provided the required quotations and commitments to all the relevant bid window 3 projects.

However, the report also indicated that Eskom will not be able to invest in grid connections for further rounds of the REIPPP programme.

In response to these reports, Eskom indicated that it had incurred R2.4bn on transmission and distribution infrastructure to accommodate the connection of the projects awarded preferred bidder status during bid windows 1 to 3.

Eskom further indicated that the delays in supplying budget quotes for connection of projects in awarded in later bid windows was due to these costs not being accommodated in Eskoms current pricing regime for renewable energy.