Local Life Krakow is about to select candidates for Best Places awards, dedicated to rewarding and encouraging excellence in products, service and ideas. With a convenient entrance off Marka street (the club is above the new KFC on Florianska), you don't have to go far to find to your Taboo. Please stay away, or if you do not believe me and want to go there, do not hesitated to call the police if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

I went to taboo on my own before reading the negative reviews. A drink for the chicks will cost you £20 (100 polish money) same price as a dance. My nephew went there and when he questioned his bill, he was shot 3 times - he has now lost his sight in his one eye. Well there was pretty girls and they where kind, but the place was kinda meh. Levensgevaarlijk, ze gooien drugs in je drinken trekken je pinpas leeg! We got there after a visit in otehr strip club, VIP i think was the name. I saw something like 5-6 girls ,where actually one deserved to be called a real stripper. And yeah,i share some opinions from previous reviews. So even if you don't want to pay for a private dance, you can sit with your mates, have a drink and watch the girls play about on the pole. One tip, keep 10 zloty aside to get your jacket back at the end of the evening.

They did offer me the hot tub with two women for £900 (5000 polish) but I just said no.. My nephew went there, and when he questioned his bill he was shot three times. Don't go there, for your own safety avoid this place. He's very lucky to be alive, so please avoid for your own safety and help spread the word. But also it was my first time there so I dont know how it is in other strip clubs. Blijf hier weg, kijk uit want is erg gevaarlijk, Ook gehoord: Als je de rekening van € 2500,- voor 1uur niet betaald beland je in het ziekenhuis of erger!! great place to go in a group, if you get chatting to the doormen, they are ok.

Didn't see any scary looking Mafia blokes nor was I made to feel intimidated or uncomfortable. We wouldn't want this to happento anyone else or their family. Rig, criminal, mafia, wither, they overtake you with towering account and if you do not pay or do not have that much money (€ 625 for 4 drinks) you end up in the hospital, or worse. But it seems that the girls wont listen to a "no" haha. dancers afit but pricy, you can negociate with them if you want to touch them.

I was on my own on all occasions and was not intimidated at all. offered an hour in a hottub with one of the girls, 3000polish, said no - no problem. I can't second the warning below enough - PLEASE AVOID!! It is run by mobsters and they are known to put people into hospital on a weekly basis. We checked out a few other bars, Prozak was a very very young crowd, Blue club (or something similar) was a little bit more modern. You'll pay 40 for Flames and 150 zloty for a private dance.

These girls are genuinely beautiful and the dances were great. Repeated dances allowed more touching,kissing and suckling nipples (but not with all the girls) a fantastic experience. a few of them asked for tips after the dance, i said no and one of them played sad, that was kind of anoying. I personally was a witness and subsequent victim of a random attack carried out there. I happened to be at this great place just recently. But they do try and get as much money of you as possible. When we walked into Flames there were 25 guys already in there and they only had 4 girls working.

But it was a good overall experience, no problems at all, friendly doorman. Furthermore this is not a strip club but a striptease club with little to no stripping. I can tell you guys this is a must go place in krakow if you want to have awesome fun without facing any kind of cheating etc. Love to visit it again on my next trip to krakow Good lord what an idiotic reviews. We were pretty much depressed after hour and half in this place. Also, no pole in the main bar area and the girls aren't really actively promoting themselves (dancing). you'll pay 20 to get in or 30 with a shot, drink prices are expensive, prepare for around 40 - 50 zloty per drink and 120 zloty for a private dance.Went to diamond club the night before, and in that club you cant touch the girls, so dont go there. It's run by the Mafia, and is extremely overpriced. This site is soo full of crap,and all entries are led by club owners for sure. This place is so small that it cant host a party for 23 guests not mentioning girls. However in this club there were about 30 girls and all of them were dancing on the pole (flames doesn't have a pole) one after the other throughout the evening.I have just spent 3 nights in Krakow and visited Taboo on all 3 nights. Be careful also because they used a different rate change to convert euro or dollar, not the official like mastercard or visa rate... I agree with the review below and have heard of many attacks happening in this club.I didn't have a dance on the first night and this was not a problem. There have been many hospitalisations confirmed and rumours of one death caused by the owners of this club. You will depending on the girl get offered "extras".The next 2 nights I had a number of dances and repeated dances with a few girls. I narrowly escaped an attack but my friend was not so lucky. Good luck I checked out this website pretty thoroughly whilest out in Krakow on a stag do recently as we were looking for someplaces to go in the main square.The guys didn't charge me to get in on night 3 and there was no problem if I did not buy the girls drinks. Do not listen to the 5 star reviews - they are quite obviously posted by owners or friends of the club. I'd recomened going to the Irish Mbasy to start you night, its a good atmosphere and they have a great live band too, you can also grab a bite to eat at a decent price.