I’d gone from having a group of friends who’d known me since childhood to just being another anonymous Londoner. Seeing groups of friends eating in restaurants made me burst into tears.

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How could she say that she wasn’t a full and complete person before she was in a relationship? What message does that send to independent young women?

But the more I thought about it, I began to realise that I resented her words because I’d been through the same unspoken thing.

Finding a boyfriend cured my crippling loneliness, but left me feeling like a very bad feminist.

I moved to London aged 18 to work as a nanny for a family.

At first, the capital seemed like the most exciting place in the entire world.

But after a month later I’d trailed around every museum (alone) seen every at the cinema (alone) and found myself sobbing into a tub of mini rolls (alone).

Running, book club, and even a brief foray into the WI: no luck. How had everyone else in London somehow made friends and I hadn’t?