After yesterday's heartfelt release of her new single "Dirty Laundry" hit the net, folks have been puzzled about who exactly Kelly Rowland was speaking of when she confessed about her abusive past with an ex.The first person that came to most people's minds was her ex-fiancee, former Cowboy baller Roy Williams.But he says today it wasn't him, and he revealed who the abuser very well could have been.... Just like I thought it would be yesterday after checking my email trending was "KELLY ROWLAND IS JEALOUS OF BEYONCE AS SHE REVEALS IN HER ANGRY NEW SONG! Somethings don't need to be brought out in PUBLIC, because the media has a way for changing and DISTORTING the TRUTH!

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Either he would have been in jail, or I would have flipped out, and the police would have been charging me with assault.

The minute a person verbally abuse you, that's the only cue you need to walk away from that situation.

Kelly is a strong woman, and Bless her, hopefully she has a man in her life that treats her like a Queen. Selling music is synonymous as selling yourself, your life story.

I take after father and have a zero tolerance for that shit. You can meet(lawyers,busy professionals, benefactors. models, celebrities, etc….)If you are single,perhaps you can have a try. Kelly was brainwashed, thanks to Matthew and Mama Knowles, to think that Beyonce was the chosen one and the beautiful one because she's light etc.

It's the same ish that's been going on for negroes were light, darkies were field's modern day slavery.

Thankfully Le Toya and La Tavia were able to be deprogrammed and make it out okay. It's not attractive and you are too beautiful for that!

Kerry is a stronger woman than me, cuz I hold stuff in, and let it boil over.

This verse made everyone take notice: magazine taking pics like this like, forever ago: The two called off their wedding around the same time this issue came out. let's blame Beyonce daddy because Kelly got beat up by her boyfriend etc..

But Roy tweeted today their break up was not because of abuse. f*** out of here "Dark Skin" women please "Don't Start"!