we would love for you to be nasty but chill as hell too!! She never did want to be a disgrace, she didn't want to have the blood of vile creatures in her. Suffering every misfortune a half vampire could only have night mares about, she plunges herself into the world of the Vampire Princes.we encourage literacy but we also love some dank memes mm yea. Where they try to figure out her mysterious persona and hurt her in the process. (A werewolf story.) Gui Gui never wished to be a vampire, she never had a choice.

I know I first noticed him in “It Started With a Kiss,” where he made a brief but memorable appearance as the cute Ah Bu.

The sequel, “They Kiss Again,” was what really made me a fan!

His romance with Chun Mei was adorable, and I loved watching their wedding.

However, office romcoms are where Aaron really leaves his mark.

The two dramas he is most well known for are “Just You” and “Fall in Love With Me.” In “Just You,” he plays germaphobe Qi Yi, who moves back to Taiwan from New York.

He becomes the proud new owner of both GAZE marketing design company and a new house. Turns out, Chen Liang Liang (Puff Guo) is living in that house, and there is no way she’s leaving.

He goes to work only to find out she is also employed at GAZE.

No one’s better at making my heart go thump-thump than Aaron Yan!

Perhaps I’ve watched too many of his dramas, but I can just picture it—“Oh Aaron, Aaron. ” So, in celebration of the upcoming March 5 release of his new drama, “Refresh Man,” I decided to take it upon myself to spread the love and give readers the rundown on this charmer. Here’s the quick and dirty: originally a blogger, this Taiwanese heart throb was discovered by Comic Ritz Productions and encouraged to audition for dramas.