Daily Mail Online revealed last March that they had gone their separate ways after the season finished, and before it aired, and by the beginning of 2015 Ravenel was seeing other people - and posting a suggestive picture of him kissing another woman on Instagram.But when Ravenel appeared on the Bravo show Watch What Happens Live to promote Season Two, Dennis accompanied him.

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Julien Tempestuous: The ups and downs of Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel have gripped Southern Charm viewers.

Kathryn shared this photo of herself with her babies' father, in the stripes, just a few weeks after baby St.

Julien's birth, hinting the two had rekindled their romance after the second child was born Online tribute: T-Rav described his babies with Dennis as 'the most precious people in my life' on this post, leading his followers to think the couple might reunite or even marry.

That now seems impossible Polo-loving Ravenel is believed to have met Bakalov after filming had wrapped, so viewers won't get a glimpse of the statuesque beauty, who is of mixed Bulgarian and Macedonian extraction but grew up in Virginia.

Viewers tuning in to the third season of Southern Charm - which has its premiere on Monday- may have been wondering whether Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Calhoun Dennis have patched things up for the sake of their two young children - as had been hinted on social media after the pair posted cozy photos over the holidays.

The mismatched couple have formed the central intrigue in Southern Charm, which follows the lives of party-loving southerners who flaunt their pedigrees amid the historic plantations and mansions of Charleston.

Their relationship was still intact after season one, when after a tumultuous summer of on-off 'hooking up' the finale episode ended by fast forwarding eight months to show them together with a newborn daughter Kensington, born in March 2014.

The pair were then filmed that summer of 2014 living together, adjusting to parenthood and planning the christening in season two, which aired in the spring of 2015, but the shaky domestic bliss did not last.

The redhead has continued to take thinly-veiled swipes at Ravenel's womanizing on her Instagram account, where she posted none-too-cryptic comments such as 'Remember that time where you confused a life mate for a soul mate?

' A Valentine's Day post featured an array of cute gifts from her two children, captioned: 'Family means nobody gets left behind.

-Lilo & Stitch (currently playing and felt appropriate as a caption). Split before: This picture, revealed exclusively just over a year ago by Daily Mail Online, showed T-Rav locking lips with a mystery woman after Kensington's birth 'when I was no longer with Kathryn'.